Global Adventure Group Ltd. is a company born from a dream - a dream to travel and share our love of the world’s most beautiful places with others. Our dream is about bringing into existence experiences which go beyond what seems possible. At the heart of this, lies the deep awareness that a truly greate mastery of travel lies in the ability to create more value for less. Because of this, we were passionate about creating Zen, a vessel with visionary architecture which expresses our penchant for outstanding design and rare beauty - shaped by our yearning to combine the ultimate in luxury with the maritime treasures of the past.

We at Indonesia Yacht Charter are a group of adventure- driven individuals who share a dolphin-like spirit of freedom and discovery. This allows us to fulfil your thirst for adventure down to the finest detail. We operate globally because we truly believe that for a dedicated traveler, there are no limits to what is possible.

Come with us on the journey of a lifetime to explore the world together. Close your eyes and imagine the very best in tropical luxury sailing and let us bring your dreams to life.